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We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Prayers for Peace Book


Prayers for Peace

by Robyn Short, Available on Amazon

Peace is possible. In fact, if we are to survive as a human species on this planet, peace is inevitable. A friend once said, “It always gets complicated before it gets simple.” The state of our human existence confirms this truth. We have complicated this human experience, and yet, it really is quite simple: the Bible calls for us to “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you;” Gandhi instructed us to “be the change you wish to see in the world;” Jesus taught us to “love God with all of our hearts, souls, minds and strength; and to love our neighbors as ourselves;” and the Buddha so wisely taught that “The mind is everything. What you think you become.”

What we think, we become. What we sow, we reap. The neuroscience behind this spiritual teaching is that neurons that fire together wire together. In other words, as we think new thoughts we literally change our brains as new neural networks are created. As we change our brain through intentional thought, we change our actions. And as we change our actions, we change the world around us. The converse is also true: as we cease having certain thoughts, those neural networks disconnect and cease to exist; when those thoughts cease, the actions associated with them also cease. When we focus and meditate on peace, we rewire our brains for peace. So we think, so shall we be. As we turn our focus to a certain experience, we create that existence through our focused intentions. It is often said that “practice makes perfect,” but when it comes to the brain, those in the neuroscience community know that practice makes permanent. And so it is that daily prayers for peace will bring about permanent peace in this world.

Every thought we have is prayer. The Universe is designed to set in motion that which we create, and our thoughts are the instructions for those creations. As we change our thoughts, the Universe will follow suit and change in response. We are indeed created in the image of God in that we are all creators. We are all endowed with the powerful gift of creation. God granted us free will, which means we have the ability to choose what we create, and we are always creating. We can choose to create peace, or we can choose to create separation from peace. We are granted the power to choose, which is the power to create the reality of our existence. As we choose peace, we transform. And as we transform as individuals, the world around us transforms in response. Peace is possible. It always has been, and it always will be. The choice is ours.

Available on Amazon

Available on Amazon

The prayers in this book will help you to be a vehicle for creating permanent peace in your own life and on this planet. As you focus your prayers, your thoughts, and your intentions on peace, your brain will rewire itself for peace. Your thoughts, and therefore your actions, will become peace. Commit yourself to a daily practice of meditating on peace, and experience the miracle of God’s creative power as it unfolds in the world around you.

The prayers in this book are intended to be a framework to help you develop your own prayers that resonate uniquely with your own spiritual journey. Use the space provided in each section to personalize and recreate each prayer in whatever way you feel guided to do so.

Ask God—the Universe, the Holy Spirit or whatever name you choose to refer to our Creator as—to guide your thoughts and bless your mind as you spend time in prayer, creating a new and peaceful world. You are powerful beyond measure. Thank you for your contribution in making this world everything God intended it to be.

Robyn Short Blogger and Author

 has ghostwritten numerous books and is the founder of goodmedia press and goodmedia communications. She is a student of A Course in Miracles, a self-study system of spiritual psychotherapy. Robyn is a passionate believer in peace and social justice. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Auburn University, a Masters of Liberal Arts from Southern Methodist University and will graduate with a Masters in Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution from Southern Methodist University in 2014. Robyn is the author of Prayers for Peace, and the forthcoming children’s book Peace People, co-authored with Nanon Williams.  Robyn is available for book signings and to speak on topics of peacebuilding and nonviolence, especially as it relates to these core issues. Contact Robyn by email.

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